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Diabetes and care are two words that go hand in hand. Perhaps the message of awareness on clothing go in the same manner...but in a cool way!

As a diabetic, you surely visit your doctor from time to time to get examined and to receive medical advice. However, you are your own doctor 24/7 all year round, until the end of your time on Earth. Speaking on diabetes awareness, How many times a day do you consciously think about the word diabetes?

Suffering from diabetes is not the end of the world, as you can manage your condition with proper care.

Diet and exercise are arguably the most important words a diabetes patient should have in mind at any given time. If you take care about what you eat and how much you move, you've already won half the battle!

Beware that out of all calories you eat in a day, 50 to 60 percent come from carbohydrates, 12 to 20 percent from proteins, and up to 30 per cent from fats.

Your diet should favor fruits and vegetables. It should also be rich in fiber. An increased intake of fiber can do wonders for your health. Give up the heavy meals you used to enjoy so much, in favor of smaller meals taken only when you are hungry. This should enable you to avoid very high or very low blood sugar levels. If you also need to lose some weight, take it slowly and steadily. Once you've seen your doctor, all you have to do is to stick to the recommendations and lose about two pounds per week. This is excellent progress, don't go faster than that! 

Diabetics have increased risk of heart disease and liver problems. This is why you have to avoid all foods that contain saturated fats. Replace them with olive oil, as this is a great source of monounsaturated fat, the healthiest type of fat there is.


Here are a few guidelines for a healthier life: 

1. Keep your blood glucose level stable and within normal limits.

2. Limit your food choices, in order to decrease your risk of heart and liver diseases.

3. Maintain a healthy weight. 

4. Seek for medical advice and follow your diabetic diet program. Diabetes awareness and information can keep you safe and healthy. 

5. Try to stay fit by exercising regularly and look to express yourself with an assortment of engaging messages…Like “DIE OR BEAT THESE


Since diet is so important to diabetics, there's lots of research going on in regard to the influence of different types of food on diabetes sufferers. Researchers are confused, as not all these effects can be properly explained from the scientific point of view just yet. For instance, researchers believe that cooked foods raise blood sugar levels more than raw foods. However, they aren't sure whether the starch content in foods has any influence on the blood glucose. 

Diabetes care will surely be a hot topic for many years to come. No doubt, so far, diabetes is alive and kicking!

Question is ...will its victims!?

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